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We use trusted suppliers like Cisco and 3CX for both telecoms hardware and software.

Who We Are - A Leading Telecoms Company Brighton, Sussex & London

Telecoms Services and Internet Solutions For Business

Carden Telecoms is part of Carden IT Group, an IT powerhouse with offices in Sussex, London, and New York.

Our expertise in telecoms services comes from years of managing IT for businesses of all sizes. Over the years we found that slow internet speeds and outdated phone systems were causing lost revenue and frustration for hundreds of businesses, their staff, and their customers. Our team of networking experts have helped a diverse set of companies bring their organisations into the 21st century with enterprise-grade internet speeds and secure future-proof networks.

In the unlikely event of any technical difficulties, our UK-based support desk is manned round the clock by qualified engineers who can resolve issues remotely and quickly get you reconnected.

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Enterprise-Grade Telecoms Provider For Businesses of
All Sizes

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Boost Your Business With Carden Telecoms

We provide reliable, high-speed internet and flexible telecoms solutions for businesses in Brighton, Sussex, London and across the UK.

Reduced Downtime

A reliable internet connection keeps your business online so it’s always there when your customers need it.

Streamlined Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure and transparent pricing. Get your internet, phone lines and billing all from the same source.

Happy Team

Our dependable services free your team from the frustration of working with poor lines and slow speeds.

Advanced Telecoms Services

You Can Rely On

We’re passionate about empowering your business with flexible telecoms solutions, tailored to your needs.

Remote Working

Ensure that your workforce stays productive and engaged, even when they’re not at their desk.

Keep up with the competition! ADSL lines with speeds of up to 24Mbps and FTTC connections up to 80Mbps.

Our high-speed FTTC connections facilitate HD video-conference calls with multiple participants.

First-Class Telecoms Service Provider
For Businesses of All Sizes

We provide business telephone systems and connectivity solutions appropriate for your business, keeping you up-to-date with the latest products and services.


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Customised, Cost Effective Telecoms Solutions

Simplify your telecoms infrastructure with telephone lines, calls, business mobiles and billing all from the same source. No more being passed back and forth between helpdesks.


Stay online and stay in business. Reliable, enterprise-grade broadband speed reduces the lost revenue which can be caused by downtime and slow speeds.

Using Voice over IP, call from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Cheaper than a conventional phone line but with greater flexibility and features.

We know that you need to be available at all times. We ensure reliable telecoms backup with disaster recovery plans, from call forwarding, to 4G fallback options.

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We’re here to help. Book a free consultation to discuss your business communications set-up and what you’d like to improve. We work with you to build the perfect, bespoke telecoms package for you.

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What We Provide

Enterprise-Grade Telecoms For Your Business

At Carden Telecoms we know how important fast and steady internet is and our FTTC and FTTP broadband connections provide you with the fastest speeds your line can support.

The success of many businesses is determined by the reliability and speed of their internet connection. High-speed, dependable, enterprise-grade internet with fixed pricing can bring cost savings and an efficiency boost to any business.

The high connection speeds and increased bandwidth will allow your organisation to compete – utilising state-of-the-art business utilities like hosted VoIP telephony, conference calling and remote collaboration.

We partner with some of the biggest providers of business communications, like Gamma Horizon, to deliver quality telecoms services at the best prices possible. We are a top-level telecoms provider to businesses of all sizes in Brighton, Sussex and London.

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