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Hosted VoIP phone systems are suitable for any business and offer a host of features not available on analogue phone systems.

Carden Telecoms offer a range of hosted VoIP services including fixed and business mobile telephone solutions.

What Is Hosted VoIP?

VoIP (voice over IP) technology transfers analogue voice signals into data packets. These packets can then be sent over the internet. In a hosted VoIP environment, all the hardware is kept off-site, and the service is run in the cloud by a third-party provider. This means your business can be up-and-running immediately.

The hosted VoIP software can be installed on your computer to provide you with access to all your business’s contacts. You can then make calls and send messages as well as see your colleagues’ current activity status.

You can use our hosted VoIP solutions on any modern device. To save on hardware costs, the VoIP software can be used on your PC without the need for a desk phone. Or you can use the software to control your desk phone.

You can make, receive or transfer incoming calls with the click of a mouse and the software is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. You can even run VoIP as a mobile app.

Hosted VoIP offers several advanced features, including:

  • Integrate all your phone lines under a single number
  • Voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Call logging
  • Free site-to-site calls
  • Automatic call forwarding
  • Caller ID and call-back options
  • HD Call Quality

What Are The Benefits Of Hosted VoIP?

  • Easy To Set-Up
    Hosted VoIP services run over your existing internet connection. This means there is no need to install new phone lines or purchase additional hardware.

    Unlike standard phone lines, there is no lead time for installation. You can get started today!

  • Take Your Calls Anywhere
    Your team can work on the move with our hosted VoIP phone systems, which include apps for both iOS and Android. All they need is a mobile with an internet connection. The app’s PUSH capability ensures that the phone’s battery life is not depleted as the app is only activated when a call is received.

    Clients can still reach you by calling your office phone number or you can transfer calls back to your colleagues in the office. You won’t have to give anyone your personal phone number anymore, and you can turn off the VoIP when you’re done working.

  • High Quality Audio
    Clarity and ease of use are vital for effective business communications. Compared to traditional phone systems, the audio quality of calls on VoIP is crystal clear.
  • More Than Just Voice
    VoIP is more than just a replacement for your existing telephone system. Carden Telecoms can supply unified communications platforms which include HD video calling and instant messaging.
  • Unify Your Client Communications
    Combining text, audio and video into a single unified communications platform makes it easier to track conversations with your clients over time. This helps you deliver better customer service. You can even call multiple parties at once, meaning hosted VoIP is a great solution for video conferencing.
  • Keep Your Existing Number
    Businesses of all sizes care about having a consistent brand identity. If you’ve had the same number for a decade, you’re probably not looking to change it. You may already have marketing materials or even vehicles with that number printed on them. You also don’t want your customers to have to learn a new technology just to talk to you.

    Luckily, by combining your hosted VoIP platform with an SIP Trunk, you can continue to use your existing phone number. SIP trunks join your VoIP platform to the wider analogue phone network. This allows you to make calls to and from analogue phone lines over VoIP. You get all the extra benefits of VoIP but the experience for a customer calling you is identical.

  • Reduce Your Call Costs
    Getting business VoIP calls and messaging as part of monthly subscription packages can significantly reduce your overheads. This is especially true for companies with a high call volume. There are also no hardware or maintenance costs because all the technology is hosted in the cloud.
  • Scale Your VoIP Service As You Grow
    As a telecoms solution, VoIP is extremely flexible. It has a variety of optional features and the ability to easily scale as your business grows. Should you need to move office, your VoIP service can move with you. Because it’s cloud-based there is no hardware that needs to move to a new site.

    Administrators can easily add or remove a user from the VoIP system using the hosted VoIP web portal. This makes it easy to increase your VoIP service as your workforce expands. Adding a new line is as simple as a few clicks and does not require any physical cabling to be installed.

How Carden Telecoms Can Help

As a trusted supplier of cloud VoIP solutions in London, Brighton, and the South East, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes set up and manage their new VoIP platforms. We offer hosted VoIP as part of our managed telecoms services, combining high quality communications services with expert customer service.

Hosted VoIP Experts

We have experience configuring VoIP solutions for a variety of different clients, including everyone from small businesses to multinationals. Our team of managed telecoms experts can help you choose the best VoIP platform for your needs and configure it to your specifications.

Instant Remote Support

Because hosted VoIP runs in the cloud, there is no hardware to maintain. That means that in the unlikely event that there’s ever a problem, you don’t need to wait around for an engineer. You can simply speak to our support team who can resolve any issues remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hosted VoIP telephony?

Hosted VoIP refers to a VoIP platform where all the infrastructure is located in the cloud rather than an on-premises PBX. Hosted VoIP can be hosted on either a public or private cloud.

Is hosted PBX the same as VoIP?

Most VoIP platforms utilise a hosted PBX. Therefore, many people will use the terms interchangeably. However, VoIP software does not necessarily need to be hosted in the cloud. Many VoIP platforms can also function perfectly well with an on-premises PBX.

What is the difference between hosted PBX and SIP Trunking?

A hosted PBX is cloud-based phone system. SIP trunking is the technology which joins a PBX (either hosted or on-premises) to the wider telephone network. If you wanted to call a standard land line phone from your hosted VoIP platform, the call would have to go via an SIP trunk.

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