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3CX is an IP PBX platform offering a Unified Communications system suitable for all businesses, from start-ups to multinationals. Organisations which are stuck on outdated phone systems will love the freedom and flexibility that 3CX will bring to their communications.

VoIP solutions like 3CX can help your company save money on its telecoms without sacrificing the quality of its communications. They have all the standard capabilities of a business phone line, but also features a slew of extras including live chat, a mobile app, activity statuses, and video calls.

Why You Should Use 3CX

Here are just some of the reasons we recommend 3CX to our clients:

1. Easy To Set Up

3CX is one of the simplest communications systems to install and setup can usually be completed in a single day.

2. Cost Effective

3CX and other IP based PBX platforms cost a fraction of the money that most businesses spend on their traditional communications.

3. Take Your Conversation With You

With companion apps for both iOS and Android, remote workers can continue their calls from anywhere in the world.

4. Advanced Integrations

Our team can configure integrations with your existing platforms like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

Hosted 3CX

Hosted 3CX is a cloud-based installation of 3CX which your business can access via an internet connection. There is no physical hardware required and you can use most modern desk phones with the 3CX system.

If you already have an on-premises phone system, our team can help you migrate it to the cloud with minimal downtime, so all your contacts and user groups are identical.

We can also join any existing SIP trunks your business currently uses to your new hosted 3CX platform, letting you continue to use your existing business number. Furthermore, 3CX costs less than most comparable VoIP solutions. It also bundles in several enterprise features which other hosted VoIP solutions make you pay extra for. 3CX’s cloud PBX also provides video conferencing software, iOS and Android mobile apps, website live chat, Facebook message integration and more.

On-Premises 3CX

For those businesses looking to have full control over their 3CX installation, we can provide an on-premises version of 3CX. The on-premises version of 3CX has all the same features of the hosted version, but with even lower call costs.

Our team of telecoms engineers can help you to build your own on-premises 3CX solution. We can also supply handsets and SIP trunks to more seamlessly join your on-premises system to the wider phone network.

3CX can be deployed on your existing server or we can provide one for you. 3CX is lightweight enough to even be run from a low-spec mini-PC.

3CX Management From Carden Telecoms

Our support makes 3CX simpler and more efficient.

You won’t have to worry about anything with our completely managed 3CX service. Our team will take care of hosting, maintenance, support, and even minor updates.  If you’re upgrading from an older PBX, you’ll appreciate 3CX’s easy to use UI. Carden Telecoms will be there to assist you whenever you have any queries.

Carden Telecoms Provide:

  • Help joining 3CX to your existing handsets and SIP trunks.
  • Automated software updates.
  • Hosting through our own data centre, or help setting up your own on-premises hosting.
  • Expert support from a team of trained telecoms engineers.

Host Your 3CX VoIP In The Cloud or On-Premises

When you partner with Carden Telecoms, you get full control over how your 3CX solution is deployed.

  • Hosted By Carden Telecoms
    This is the choice for you if you don’t want to be involved in phone system management directly. From our own data centre, we’ll host and support your system centrally.
  • Hosted On Your Cloud
    You can host your PBX on your own cloud if you already have one. 3CX is compatible with popular cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.
  • Hosted On-Premise
    Because of regulatory compliance issues, some business must run their VoIP in-house. Our tea can help you deploy 3CX on an existing server or even on an Arduino/Raspberry Pi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3CX cloud based?

3CX is available as a cloud-hosted VoIP platform but it is also available in an on-premises version. The functionality is identical between the two, the only difference being where the infrastructure is housed.

Is 3CX on-premises free?

Not entirely. Up to four users can use a limited version of 3CX. This is designed more as a way to test 3CX to see if it is right for your business than a permanent solution.

Is 3CX a VoIP system?

Yes, 3CX is a VoIP system. It is just one of several VoIP solutions that Carden Telecoms offer our customers.

Does 3CX integrate with teams?

Microsoft Teams is natively supported by 3CX, making it a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft’s own calling plan. Users can call out using 3CX’s SIP trunks while leveraging the low-cost local and international tariffs supplied by their SIP provider.

Find out what 3CX could do for your business

If you’re interested in using 3CX in your business, Carden Telecoms can help. Let our expert team take care of transferring your existing numbers and setting up your new VoIP platform. Get in touch today to find out more.

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