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What Is An SIP Trunk?

SIP trunks present a flexible and more cost-effective alternative to ISDN lines for both inbound and outbound calls. As a replacement for ISDN, SIP trunks work by connecting your PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) using broadband.

When compared to ISDN, SIP trunking is less expensive per line and is quicker and easier to install. Carden Telecoms are a professional SIP trunk provider in the UK. We have supplied SIP trunks to local businesses here in Sussex, but also to organisations across the UK. Any business currently using a PBX can easily switch to a SIP trunk service.

The number of concurrent calls possible is actually determined by the number of SIP channels. Each channel allows for one incoming or outgoing call at a time. Small businesses can normally function on two SIP channels whereas larger businesses with numerous offices or call centres would require multiple lines.

As a professional SIP trunk provider, Carden Telecoms can install your SIP trunk, connect it to your PBX and if required, we can manage it on an ongoing basis as part of a comprehensive business telecoms package. If you do not currently have a PBX, we can provide one for you, either on premises or hosted in the cloud.

Unsure whether SIP trunks would be a cost-effective solution for your business? Speak to us today to find out.

Using SIP Trunks For Business Communications

Businesses with VoIP telecoms use SIP trunks so that they can still make and receive mobile and landline phone calls. This is often necessary because most of the public is not regularly using VoIP.

Some businesses may also have a memorable landline phone number they have used for decades which is synonymous with their company. By using an SIP trunk, they can keep their existing number while still gaining the benefits of a modern VoIP platform.

Businesses with offices in various countries can also benefit from SIP trunks. Using SIP trunks, UK businesses can avoid paying for premium-rate international calls. Your business can call your overseas office using VoIP, and then call out to a foreign number from an SIP trunk located in that country. This allows you to make international phone calls while only paying the local call rate.

Using an SIP trunk also allows employees to call out from your known, trusted landline number – even when they are away from the office. This makes SIP trunks a great choice for any business with a remote workforce.

The Benefits of SIP Trunks

1. Cost

Customers using SIP trunks not only get a more reliable connection than they do with ISDN, but they can also save as much as 50% on their line rental and up to 25% on their call costs.

2. Disaster Recovery

SIP trunks handle emergencies with ease, allowing you to re-route calls in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

3. Highly Scalable

Perfect for growing companies or those with a highly seasonal business. Scale your lines up during busy periods and reduce costs during quieter periods.

4. Free Internal Calls

Perfectly suited for organisations with two or more sites as there is no charge for calling between business premises.

5. Future Proof

With the ISDN and PSTN phone networks due to be shut off by 2025, now is the time to implement replacement solutions like VoIP and SIP.

Why Choose Carden Telecoms As An SIP Trunk Provider?

Carden Telecoms provide a variety of SIP trunk options, and our knowledgeable team will assist you in selecting the optimum telecoms service for your company.

We’ve been providing SIP services for a long time and have earned a solid reputation for the quality of our work. Carden Telecoms takes pleasure in providing a dependable and stable VoIP and SIP service. If you’re based in the United Kingdom and need an SIP trunk installed, contact Carden Telecoms today.

We recommend our SIP trunking services to our customers because it offers them cost savings and flexibility. The following are some of the reasons we believe you should choose Carden Telecoms as your SIP trunk provider:

  • Experience
    Carden Telecoms are an experienced telecoms provider and we have set up and managed SIP trunks for a variety of different businesses.
  • Dedicated Support
    When you work with Carden Telecoms, you get access to our dedicated telecoms technical support. We have a UK-based support desk who can assist with telecoms software queries. We also have on-site engineers who can help with hardware installations and maintenance.
  • Future-Proof
    We’ve been preparing our customers for the impending ISDN network switch off by helping them transition to a VoIP/SIP environment.
  • Reliable Service
    Our SIP trunks, like every telecoms service we provide, is backed by a strict service level agreement. This guarantees that you always get the service you paid for.
  • Unified Telecoms Service
    VoIP and SIP Trunks aren’t the only thing we offer. We can also supply broadband, WiFi, cloud and on-premises telecoms, and business mobiles.
  • Pricing
    Our SIP services and VoIP phone systems are competitively priced and include unlimited support.
  • Bespoke Contracts
    We can offer 1, 3, or 5 year SIP contracts depending on what your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a SIP trunk work?

SIP trunks connect your organisation’s PBX (either on-premises or hosted) to the wider phone network. You can then make calls to landlines and mobiles directly from your existing VoIP system. The number of simultaneous calls you can make is determined by the number of channels your SIP trunk has.

How many calls can a SIP trunk handle?

Only one SIP trunk is required, as the number of calls is determined not by the number of SIP trunks, but by how many channels the SIP trunk has. Each call (either outgoing or incoming) uses up one channel. How many channels your SIP trunk needs will depend on how many concurrent calls you expect to be making at any one time.

How much does a SIP trunk cost?

The cost of SIP trunking for a company would include an upfront SIP trunk installation fee, a monthly rental fee (dependant on the number of trunks and channels) and then call charges, which will vary depending on the VoIP platform you are using.

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