Leased Lines

A leased line is a dedicated internet line, with fixed bandwidth up and down. The line is “uncontested” meaning that only your traffic is travelling on it and it is not shared with any other businesses or residences. This means the speeds are consistent, not slowing to a crawl during peak hours. 

Leased lines are used by millions of businesses worldwide for fast upload and download speeds, and guaranteed uptime. Unlike traditional broadband, where you will have a higher download speed than upload speed, and your connection will contend with others in your area.

A leased line is the fastest and most reliable dedicated internet connection available. In comparison, FTTC connections are usually 80mb download and 20mb upload. Some businesses would struggle with these speeds, as the upload speed is not quick enough to upload huge amounts of large files, or run their online backups overnight. Leased lines come with speeds of up to 10Gb in both directions, meaning the transformation in business operations can be huge.

So, if your business is struggling with bandwidth issues and would benefit from a more reliable dedicated internet connection, please contact Carden Telecoms today. All of our quotes are free, and we run a full site assessment to let you know the best options available to you.

Why Choose a Leased Line?

  • Fixed IP address
  • Guaranteed high–speed line, exclusively for you
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your line for faults
  • Flexible contracts
  • Easy to upgrade to higher bandwidth contract

With almost all modern business taking place online – the faster your internet is, the more competitive your business is. Don’t lose out to the competition, make sure you have the best internet connection available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leased lines better than broadband?

Leased lines give you a guaranteed connection speed and the line is dedicated internet line which is uncontested. This means that your organisation is the only user on that line so there is no slowdown during busy periods. This makes leased lines more reliable than other forms of broadband connection.

Is a leased line expensive?

A leased line is one of the more costly options for business internet connections. This said, they are also not necessary for many smaller businesses. Whether a leased line is worth it for your business will depend on several factors including the amount of downtime which you consider acceptable and what minimum internet speeds your business requires.

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