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Carden Telecoms can provide both inbound and outbound call monitoring, covering a range of business requirements while complying with each industry’s relevant legislation and regulations.

Inbound call recording is best suited to customer-facing use cases such as call centres that are looking to maintain call quality. Outbound call recording is ideal for organisations that wish to monitor the activity of their team.

We have several recording solutions available, suitable for telemarketing companies, customer service departments, organisations dealing with sensitive data and more.

Cloud-Based Call Recording

Using call recording software on the cloud means your organisation can log and archive all inbound and outbound calls and play them back at will. Other features include:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Filter recordings using tags for specific team members or customers
  • Record using any of your organisation’s devices
  • Downloadable recordings
  • Record only the calls you want, based on factors you decide (department, role, customer, employee)
  • Automated disclaimer read aloud to customers
  • Advanced search and flagging system
  • Flexible storage plans so you only pay for the storage you’re using

Improve Customer Service

Recorded calls allow for previous good and bad examples to be used as training models for current and future employees. Customer information can be cross-referenced and validated for security and accuracy against recorded calls.

Improve Compliance

Call recordings are securely stored in a managed cloud environment.

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