voip for small business uk

Why VoIP Is The Best Telephone Service For Small Businesses

Small businesses and start-ups need to keep their costs low but also need to remain competitive when they’re going up against larger players. VoIP ticks both those boxes when it comes to a business telecom solution. 

Whether you’re choosing your business phone service for the first time, or looking to replace your existing in-house telecoms, we’re going to tell you why we recommend VoIP.

the advantages and benefits of a leased line

The Advantages and Benefits of Leased Lines For Business

The ways that businesses use data have changed drastically in the past few years. Video calling, cloud services, and file sharing are all eating up more bandwidth than ever before and this thrown a light on the inadequacy of some of the internet connections which UK businesses have been relying on. 

Many of these businesses have now upgraded to a FTTC or FTTP line, but for the fastest speeds available a leased line is the best option. But what precisely are leased lines, and how might installing one benefit your business?