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How Mobile Broadband Helps Keep Your Business Connected

Network connectivity has become the cornerstone of business continuity. Downtime isn’t an option. Network downtime can have steep costs for both your finances and your reputation. You can improve your network’s resilience by ensuring there is a fallback solution in place if your broadband connection develops a fault. That’s where mobile broadband comes in. The technology has improved greatly over the past few years and there are now dependable, high-speed options available.

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Telecoms Jargon Explained In Plain English

If you’ve been researching business telecoms solutions, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of unfamiliar terms. Things like FTTC connections, leased lines, PBXs, and many other bits of jargon. We’ve put together an index of telecoms jargon, explained in plain English, to help you make sense of all the options available.

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Upgrade Your Telecoms And Take Advantage Of The UK’s Super Deduction Tax Break 

This article is not financial advice. Before making any decisions relating to your finances, you should consult with a tax specialist who is familiar with the UK’s super deduction tax breaks.

If you have been looking to upgrade your business telecoms, there has never been a better time to get started. Until 2023, most UK businesses can claim back 130% of capital allowances on new technology purchases.