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9 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Telecoms 

In today’s digital world, telecoms play a vital role in business operations, customer service, and competitiveness. Efficient and reliable telecoms services are key to driving business success, and outsourcing your telecoms can be a smart decision for many businesses. In this expert guide, we will discuss the top 9 signs it’s time to outsource your telecoms and the benefits of outsourcing. 

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Telecoms Jargon Explained In Plain English

If you’ve been researching business telecoms solutions, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of unfamiliar terms. Things like FTTC connections, leased lines, PBXs, and many other bits of jargon. We’ve put together an index of telecoms jargon, explained in plain English, to help you make sense of all the options available.

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Leased Lines Vs FTTP Vs FTTC Connections For Businesses

If you’ve been researching potential broadband service options for your business, you’ve probably come across the terms FTTP, FTTC and Leased Lines. You might be wondering how these are different and which one is the best option. The answer will depend on your expected usage and your budget. 

At Carden Telecoms we’ve supplied businesses with all three. Let’s look at how they differ. We’ll discuss the difference Between FTTP & FTTC lines, as well as leased line connections and some of the benefits of each option.