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Why VoIP Is The Best Telephone Service For Small Businesses

Small businesses and start-ups need to keep their costs low but also need to remain competitive when they’re going up against larger players. VoIP ticks both those boxes when it comes to a business telecom solution. 

Whether you’re choosing your business phone service for the first time, or looking to replace your existing in-house telecoms, we’re going to tell you why we recommend VoIP.

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6 New Trends In Business Telecoms

The events of the past year have accelerated the pace of change and innovation in business telecoms. Several trends, technologies, and new ways of working have emerged which look set to redefine how we communicate and collaborate at work. We’re going to cover the 6 trends that we believe will be the most important for our clients.

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Unified Communications: Why They Are Important For Your Business

An increasing number of businesses are moving towards a unified communications environment. If you’ve been researching enterprise telecoms solutions for your business, you’ve probably come across the term “unified communications” – but what does it refer to and why is it important for a modern business?

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Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable?

When people talk about the benefits of VoIP (Voice Internet Protocol) telecoms, they often focus on the cost savings and the call quality. Obviously, these are both great benefits, but not enough attention is paid to what it is actually like to use VoIP day-to-day and the flexibility it can add to your communications. Today we’re focusing on how VoIP allows you to take your business number with you wherever you are, as well as some other VoIP features and benefits.

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Why Businesses Choose 3CX For Their Communications

At Carden Telecoms, we supply a variety of VoIP solutions to businesses looking to reduce the costs of their communications while also gaining increased functionality and up to date features missing from their existing phone systems.

3CX is one of the most popular VoIP options that Carden Telecoms provides. In this blog we’re going to go over some of the features and improvements that our customers have benefitted from since switching their communications over to 3CX.