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Looking For A New Phone System For Your Law Office?

Technology plays a big part in a modern law office. While the focus is often on security and productivity, reliable communications tend to be underappreciated. At Carden Telecoms, we’ve helped several law firms, accountants, and other local offices to modernise and improve their business telecoms and saved them money along the way.

A large part of any lawyer’s day is spent on the phone, whether it’s running internal conference calls or dealing with clients. Having a modern business phone system can save you a lot of time. Before you decide whether to upgrade your telecoms, think about your current phone system and consider the following questions…

Can Your Phones Record Calls?

Taking notes isn’t always practical when hosting virtual conferences or trying to resolve a problem with a client over the phone, getting the right information the first time saves you valuable billing time later. Most business VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) platforms have recording capabilities, including the ability to record both phone and video calls. This can make it easier to find the relevant information in a call later. 

Do You Have a Secure Method For Video Calls?

Video calls have fully entered the mainstream in the past few years. With more team members working remotely than ever before and an increasing number of customers preferring to have video calls over face-to-face meetings, it’s vital to have a professional video-calling solution. Commercially available platforms like Zoom lack the features that a business needs. At Carden Telecoms, we can provide professional unified communications platforms which include voice calls, video calls, and text chat.

Can You Take Your Calls On The Go? 

When you use hosted VoIP, you can access it from almost any device with an internet connection. This means you can take your office calls on the go by installing a VoIP app on your mobile. Removing the need to carry a second mobile with you. Perfect for team members who are commuting or out meeting with clients.

How Scalable Is Your Phone System?

If your law firm were to double in size over the next five years, how would your phone system cope? Could you scale it without having to spend exponentially more money, or cause a large amount of disruption? When you use a hosted business VoIP platform, you can easily add new users with a few clicks. There’s no need to install a new phone line in the ground or buy any new hardware. Your VoIP platform can grow with you as you scale your business.

Does Your Phone Provider Give You A Bespoke Service?

Every office is different, and so are their telecoms requirements. At Carden Telecoms, we build bespoke business telecoms packages for each of our clients. We don’t believe you should have to pay for anything you don’t use. So, your telecoms package will include all the hardware, software, mobile phones, and broadband lines you need, but nothing more. 

Is Your Phone System Secure?

Working in the legal field entails dealing with sensitive material. What many people don’t realise is that standard phone systems aren’t very secure, which is critical when taking important phone conversations or having clients leave personal information on your voicemail. When you partner with Carden Telecoms, we make sure that your phone system, your voicemail, and your conference calls are all fully secured with passwords and multi-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorised users can access your calls.

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Telecoms And Broadband?

Many of the law offices we’ve worked with have found that they were paying for phone lines they weren’t using anymore or weren’t receiving the internet speeds promised by their previous business broadband providers. We helped to streamline their telecoms, eliminating wasted spend and giving them a business broadband connection which matched their expectations. 

Transitioning to an innovative business VoIP phone system might sound expensive, but in most cases, you won’t even need to buy any new hardware. This is because most VoIP platforms are compatible with your existing phones.

Does Your Phone System Give The Right Impression To Your Customers?

Your clients will have a better impression of your firm if their calls are handled professionally. With business VoIP, you can reroute calls, play pre-recorded welcome and/or hold messages, use call queues, or use a digital receptionist to provide your callers with the information they require.

Hopefully, this has been a useful overview of the benefits of upgrading your law firm’s telecoms and broadband. If you run a law office, or any other business which is looking to improve their telecoms while saving money and improving their security, speak to our team today

Author: Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Telecoms and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave is experienced in business telecoms with a focus on cloud telephony and connectivity services.